PELTO: "Why label Paul Vallas Bridgeport's $229,000, "part-time", superintendent"

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Over the weekend, a reader wrote to ask why I often refer to Paul Vallas as Bridgeport's "part-time," superintendent of schools.

The reason is that, by comparison, Connecticut's other superintendents approach their jobs as full-time leaders.

Like a ship's captain, they see their duty as being on the bridge, at all times.  They believe their duty is to ensure that students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents know that there is one person at the top of the chain of command.

Back on June 26, 2012, Team Vallas responded to concerns about the Superintendent's schedule by posting on their "Questions Forum" Paul Vallas' schedule from January till June.  They marked what days he worked in Bridgeport, and what day he was "out of the district."

We know Vallas has a private consulting business.  His company signed a $1 million deal to work in Illinois, and the joint venture he has with The Cambium Learning Group out of Dallas, Texas, recently signed an $18 million contract to work in Indianapolis.  He also continues to consult in Haiti.

The response that Team Vallas put up on the Questions Forum claimed that, "in total, from January 1st to June 21st there were 119 working days in the District.  When balanced out with any complete weekend days worked, the Superintendent has worked a total of 112 of those days."

Now that would make it appear that Paul Vallas WORKED 112 of the 119 working days, but needless to say, that isn't true.

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When you look at his schedule, there were 17 days that teachers worked, but the captain of the ship wasn't around.  And because he "works" on many weekends, there were more than a dozen weekend days that Vallas got paid for working, but there were no students or teachers around.

That means that more than 25 percent of the time, there was a crew on deck, but no captain, or a captain at the helm, but no crew.

In addition, over those twenty-five weeks, Vallas took at least 11 paid vacation or paid time-off days.

You can be sure that no other Connecticut superintendent was absent that much of the time.

And, of course, few make $229,000 (only Wilton and Westport pay more.)

So, combine all those two facts, and Vallas gets labeled Bridgeport's, part-time, superintendent of schools here at Wait, What?

Unfortunately, Team Vallas hasn't updated the Superintendent's schedule since June 21st, but rumors had him off consulting in Haiti, Dallas and elsewhere over the past 2 months.

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