PELTO: "ConnCAN: $500,000 of CT Lobbying over 100 days...Recognized for Misleading Propaganda"

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As Governor Malloy and the Connecticut General Assembly prepare for a June 12th Special Session that will include adopting language to "clean up" this year's "education reform" bill, the stench of inappropriate efforts to influence public policy hangs over the Capitol - and it doesn't just have to do with license fees and tax increases on "roll-your-own" tobacco.

ConnCAN, the charter school advocacy group that was set up by Achievement First, Inc., the charter school management company, which was created by Connecticut education commissioner Stefan Pryor and his "education reform" colleagues, now reports that they actually spent half a million dollars in their recent effort to pass the "reform" legislation proposed by Governor Malloy and Commissioner Pryor.

ConnCAN's five hundred thousand dollar, broad-based effort, was aimed at demonizing teachers, teacher unions and those who believe in the sanctity of true public education.

And their strategy garnered ConnCAN national fame, for the blatant misuse of data, as a way to mislead legislators, the media and the public.

One of the most astounding aspects of this entire situation has been the utter and complete silence of a group of community leaders who serve on ConnCAN's Advisory Board.

Silence is Taking A Stand:

When ConnCAN attacked Connecticut's teachers and their union...the members of ConnCAN's Advisory Board were silent.

When ConnCAN belittled parents who stood up to speak out on behalf of Connecticut's schools...the members of ConnCAN's Advisory Board were silent.

And when ConnCAN consistently misused and misreported data in order to corrupt the public policy making process...the members of ConnCAN's Advisory Board said nothing.

It is time for the individual members of the ConnCAN Advisory Board to explain why that said nothing as ConnCAN spent half a million dollars lying about Connecticut, our schools, our teachers and our system of public education.

Even more to the point, these people should take take appropriate action and resign their position on ConnCAN's Advisory Board.

If you know any of these people on ConnCAN's Advisory Board, ask them to explain themselves...

And then ask them if they will be resigning.

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If you know the contact information for any members of ConnCAN's Advisory Board, send it along and I'll ask them on behalf of all of us who care about our schools and our state's children, are they going to do the right thing and resign from ConnCAN's Advisory Board.

ConnCAN's Advisory Board includes:

Allan B. Taylor, Chairman, Connecticut State Board of Education

Timothy Bannon, Former Chief of Staff for Governor Malloy

Lorraine M. Aronson, Former Connecticut Deputy Commissioner of Education, former Vice President and CFO, University of Connecticut and presently a Director, Hartford Education Foundation

Dr. Philip E. Austin, Former President, University of Connecticut

Christopher P. Bruhl, President and CEO, The Business Council of Fairfield County (SACIA), Director, Connecticut Public Broadcasting Corporation

Joyce Critelli, Co-Chairwoman, Children's Agency of Norwalk, Trustee, Norwalk Community College

Dr. William J. Cibes, Jr., Former Chancellor, Connecticut State University System, Former Secretary, Office of Policy and Management

Reverend Lindsay E. Curtis, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, Chairman, Norwalk Children's Foundation, President, NAACP Norwalk Branch

Robert Furek, Director, MassMutual Financial Group, Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hartford Public School System

William Ginsberg, President and CEO, Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Janice M. Gruendel, Ph.D., M.Ed., Co-Chair, Early Childhood Education Cabinet Member, P-16 Council and CT Youth Vision Team, Deputy Commissioner, Departments of Public Health, Mental Retardation and DCF.

Dr. Walter Harrison, President, University of Hartford, Director, Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

Marc S. Herzog, Former Chancellor, Connecticut Community College System

Dr. Richard C. Levin, President, Yale University

Dr. Julia M. McNamara, President, Albertus Magnus College, Chairwoman, Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation, Director, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Dr. Cheryl Norton, Former President, Southern Connecticut State University

Anthony P. Rescigno, President, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Theodore Sergi, Former Connecticut State Commissioner of Education, President and CEO, Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration

Richard Sugarman, Founder and President, The Connecticut Forum

Other ConnCAN Advisory Board Members include Paul Allaire, Cory Booker, John M. Danielson, Jonathan T. Dawson, Timothy Dutton, Dr. Howard Fuller, Stewart Greenfield, Darrell Harvey, Duane E. Hill, Carlton L. Highsmith, Ron Howard, Catherine Viscardi Johnston, Jeff Klaus, Kevin Knight, George Knox III, Konrad "Chip" Kruger, Len Miller, Reverend Eric B. Smith, Tom Vander Ark.

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