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It is Abe Lincoln who said, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

But what Honest Abe didn't add is that sometimes you only need to fool enough people to win.

And Mayor Bill Finch and the Bridgeport City Council are working hard to prove that very point.

Last Monday, the Bridgeport City Council voted to put a referendum question on the November ballot that asks Bridgeport's voters to amend the City Charter in order to shift Bridgeport from a democratically elected board of education to one appointed by the Mayor (with some help from the Council.)

Now, anyone who believes in democracy, liberty and the right of self-governance would probably word the ballot question something like this;

"Shall the charter of the City of Bridgeport be changed so that the Mayor and City Council be given the authority to appoint members of the Board of Education instead of having such members elected by the voters of Bridgeport?

Then those in favor of mayoral control and those in favor of a democratically elected board of education could campaign from now until Election Day, at which time the voters would then cast their ballots and decide the answer.

But Mayor Bill Finch and the Bridgeport City Council did want to run the risk or the possibility that democracy or democratic values might stand in the way of their power-grab, so they actually worded the ballot question as follows;

"Shall the city of Bridgeport approve and adopt the charter changes as recommended by the Charter Revision Commission and approved by the City Council, including education governance reforms?"

George Orwell would be proud.

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Now, thanks to Bridgeport's "democratic leaders", voters are being asked whether the City should approve changes including education governance reforms -- And if 50% plus 1 are foolish enough to vote "YES, the people of Bridgeport will lose their democratic rights to choose the people they want to oversee their school system.

It is hard to believe such a move is legal.

It certainly destroys our definition of American democracy.

And perhaps, more to the point, as a recent letter to the editor of the Connecticut Post pointed out, "residents should know exactly what they're voting for on Election Day."

But they won't get that chance in Bridgeport.

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