Paz misses the point on Esty

I'll get right to the point, contrary to what Paz had to say regarding the latest ad by New Directions for America, the points raised in the TV spot is NOT a mix bag of fact and fact, Paz misses the point.

Here's what Esty had to say regarding her brief time as State Rep.

As a legislator, Elizabeth made her mark as a deficit hawk, taking on her own party leaders for responsible budgeting and cutting her own pay by returning 10% of her salary to taxpayers.

Esty and her attack dogs have made her opposition to the state budget a big issue. Not only was Esty a key member of the "Republican-Light" alternative budget proposal, she was one of the ring authors of the now infamous letter sent to Democratic leaders at the State Capitol demanding in which she gave luke-warm support to then Gov. Rowland-Rell's God-awful budget mitigation package...a package filled with the DEEP cuts to social programs that would directly effect working families.

What Paz also leaves out in his piece is that in May 2010 Esty sided with the Republicans and voted AGAINST a bill that made adjustments to state expenditures within the budget agreeing with the minority party's mantra that the solution to the state's problems begins with C-U-T-S.

In short, if Esty is wearing out her walking shoes across the district bashing the Democratic state budget while touting her opposition to the budget, then critics have every right to point out what her opposition meant for the middle class, seniors, working families and people in need.

Esty can't have it both ways...

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