Patch founder host fundraiser for McMahon?!?

Imagine if a publisher of a newspaper did something like this...

The wall that normally separates media from actively engaging in politics appears to have been breached in June when Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO and founder of Connecticut news websites, hosted a fundraiser for Connecticut's Republican U.S. Senate candidate and former WWE CEO Linda McMahon.


The fundraiser was held at Armstrong's Riverside home in Greenwich in late June, McMahon's campaign confirmed for The Darien Times on Wednesday. McMahon listed the event as an in-kind contribution worth $2,500, and it was coded as an in-kind disbursement with the Federal Election Commission. In-kind contributions must be reported as an operating expenditure, even though no money was actually spent, according to the commission.

When asked if the fundraiser was successful, Kate Duffy, McMahon's deputy communications director, told The Darien Times: "All our fundraisers are successful."


Armstrong did not respond to two requests for comment.


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