The past presents the future

Remember this guy?

As someone from Danbury, I know a thing or two about the fifth Congressional District and when it comes to Elizabeth Esty's chances in winning the seat if Chris Donovan's name appears on the Working Families Party line, you only need to look at recent history...

NYT 10.24.92

Even supporters of Representative Gary Franks, the first black Republican elected to Congress since the 1930's, describe his first term as inauspicious. But the 39-year-old former alderman from Waterbury is now considered the front-runner in his re-election bid -- helped, oddly enough, by his most vitriolic opponent's decision to stay in the race.

Mr. Franks, who won his nomination through something of a fluke in a six-way race, is benefiting from Connecticut's three-party politics. A Connecticut Party, Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr.'s independent vehicle, has provided a home for State Representative Lynn Taborsak, a 49-year-old plumber from Danbury and the unexpected loser in a bitter Democratic primary fight.

Ms. Taborsak and the Democratic nominee, James Lawlor, a Waterbury Probate Court judge, now seem to be splitting the large anti-Franks vote in this diverse district, which stretches northwest from the bucolic northeastern suburbs of New York City through the conservative, working-class Naugatuk Valley to the old brass-making city of Waterbury.


Ms. Taborsak's liberalism and environmentalism gives her a solid base, but it alienates swing and conservative voters. And Mr. Lawlor's opposition to abortion has led some of Ms. Taborsak's supporters to make Mr. Franks their second choice. A Lawlor poll of 401 likely voters taken three weeks ago showed him trailing Mr. Franks by 16 points, 41 percent to 25 percent. Ms. Taborsak had 17 percent in the survey, which had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Because of Taborsak appearance on the A Connecticut Party line, the Democratic Party vote was split and we lost a golden opportunity to unseat a man who had no business being a Congressman.

The past presents the for thought.

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