Parents flip out at their kids for endorsing Clinton in their school newspaper

In a so-funny-but-not-funny report in The Gazette this week— that’s right, not The Onion— reporter Debbie Kelley revealed how parents of Palmer Ridge High School students in a heavily conservative part of the state acted like high schoolers themselves after the school’s newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Some highlights from the piece:

The editorial “outraged” some parents, said Palmer Ridge English teacher and newspaper adviser Tom Patrick. They emailed the school and took to social media, saying the editorial was inappropriate for a student publication, that Trump should have been given equal space, and that the paper’s staff should be suspended. They said Patrick was a “communist” and a “socialist.” They accused him of indoctrinating students and called for his job. “There are a lot of parents that don’t understand what the rights of the student press are and the Colorado law,” Patrick said.

Cue that silent “Jon Stewart look.”

Nine students comprise The Bear Truth editorial board of the school’s paper that comes out once a month. The news made it around. The Denver Post’s editorial board wrote its own editorial callingThe Bear Truth’s editorial “courageous.”

From the Post:

Faculty adviser Tom Patrick is a well-regarded expert in student papers. He is correctly following the 1990 Colorado Student Free Expression Law and its tough-minded provisions — which freedom lovers should be proud exist in our state and only eight others. Many other states allow school administrators to meddle with or even censor student publications.

In a gesture of solidarity, the Post sent The Bear Truth “a bunch of desserts from Borrellio Brothers.” The student paper also endorsed local Republicans with no controversy. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yeah, the student newspaper’s website traffic went through the roof.

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