Economist Richard Wolff: Sequester Inches Us Closer to 'An Explosion That Will Take People By Surprise'

Here's some stuff we aren't hearing on Meet the Press:

Correcting the spin of "Fix The Debt" shills, economist, professor, and author of Capitalism Hits The Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It, Dr. Richard Wolff, who was fresh off his debut appearance on Bill Moyers, sits down with me for a quick talk about the sequester in the context of our ailing economic system. In this, the first of a four-part series, he breaks down the sequester and discusses what he calls a 'hustle' being perpetrated by the Obama Administration on the American people.

In this follow up video, Dr. Wolff warns of the encroaching economic tipping point, past which American's will not be pushed and answers questions on the potential results of civil unrest.

And in these final two pieces, Dr. Wolff breaks down the latest in economic propaganda, details the immense power of the 1% to control the debate, and offers potential solutions to increase economic stability and personal freedom at the same time. Strap in!

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