"Other Democrats"

Joe Kyrillos won his party's nomination for US Senate yesterday, and today came out "swinging" against Bob Menendez, suggesting that our current US Senator isn't well liked even within his own party.

Sen. Joe Kyrillos, who secured the Republican U.S. Senate candidate nomination Tuesday,  called his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bob Menendez, “a mediocre senator” who hasn’t the kind of impact past Democratic lawmakers have had.

He said other Democrats have told him so as he kicked off his post-primary battle against Menendez with a press conference at the Statehouse.

I'll bet I know who one of the "other Democrats" are.  One is probably this one:

The president of the Elizabeth Board of Education understated her household income by as much as $100,000 to obtain free school lunch for her children, a state grand jury has charged.

Marie L. Munn, who was arrested along with two others in September after a series of stories in The Star-Ledger about abuses in the federally funded lunch program in Elizabeth, was accused in the indictment of lying on applications for her two children to obtain free or reduced lunch over a five-year period, receiving $4,549 in benefits to which they were not entitled.

Munn, a Democrat, endorsed Christie for Governor.


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