The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue, William Thomas, Ellen Thomas And Concepcion Picciotto.

A two-part series looking at three individuals and their 25-year, 24/7 peace vigil in front of the White House. The videos are after the fold.

Al Jazeera World
This two-part series follows the 25-year peace vigil of three very persistent individuals in front of the White House and reveals how the bizarre act of one man, labelled the 'first domestic terrorist' in the US, brought them together.

Neighbors to five sitting US presidents, these tenacious protesters - Thomas, Ellen and Connie - endured police brutality, vicious weather, Supreme Court battles, and their own internal struggles in order to maintain one of the longest-standing protests against nuclear weapons and US foreign policy ever staged in America.

They were called crazy by many and their vigil was labelled an aesthetic blight on the stately beauty of the nation's most important residence. But, they also gained an international following, sending them both support and, often, large delegations of visitors.

And, far from merely sitting still for 25 years, the vigilers travelled to speak before the World Court at The Hague and to confer with peace groups in Japan.

The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue tells the story of these three insanely persistent individuals and of their unique political and cultural resonance. Read more.

The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue - Part One

The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue - Part Two



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