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Okay. Your turn to ramble....well, I got one more thing on the jump.....
So this has gone national, even finding its way into one of my many radio comedy services. Har har har, yuk yuk yuk:


   Michelle Bachand, 26, a Vermont State police dispatcher, who brought drugs to a training session at the police academy. Bachand was found with the marijuana on her person during a class for civilian police dispatchers held at the academy. She was arrested and is no longer employed as a dispatcher.

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Unfortunately for Michelle Bachand, of Lyndonville, Vt., common sense seemed to evade her last Friday when the 26-year-old dispatcher allegedly showed up to an employee training session at the Vermont Police Academy carrying marijuana.


Police say Michelle Bachand, 26, of Lyndonville, was found with marijuana at a training session Friday at the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford

Vermont State Police:

On May 4, at approximately 9:30 AM, VSP was advised that Michelle Bachand was in possession of marijuana. Further investigation revealed that Bachand had a small amount of marijuana in her vehicle.

Emphasis mine.

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