Oh the hypocrisy!

Looks like Linda McSham has some explaining to do.

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Linda McMahon and her husband, WWE chairman Vince McMahon, were more than a month and a half late in paying the first half of their annual $54,110 in property tax on the multi-million-dollar unit that they co-own in a building at 1 Broad St., Stamford, city records show.

The first half of the annual tax bill was supposed to be paid by Aug. 1, but was delinquent as of early September, with $28,272 due as of Sept. 4, apparently including interest, the city's website still showed on Friday.

A call to the tax collector's office Friday revealed that a payment for not just the first six-month installment, but for the full year - in the amount of $55,327 - arrived in the office on Friday. Of that amount, $1,217 was interest, records showed. Delinquent notices went out last week, an employee said on the phone.


A McMahon campaign spokesman said about 2:15 p.m. that a statement of explanation would be coming soon. Nothing yet.

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