Obama's 2013 State of the Union - Full speech- HD video

The unfinished business of fixing the economy dominated President Obama's State of the Union Address Tuesday night. He outlined his second-term agenda of proposals designed to create jobs, particularly for the middle class.

Mr. Obama says he believes the economy only gets better when the middle class gets better and larger. Raising the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour was one of several ideas he offered to improve the economy.

He announced that more than half of the US forces now deployed in Afghanistan will be home by early next year and US role in the long war will be over by the end of next year.

He said it was time to do something about climate change, a topic that was rarely mentioned during his first term.

But the emotional moment of the night was when he demanded that congress not block a vote on proposals to reduce gun violence, saying the victims of such violence "deserve a vote."

President Obama will now hit the road for the next three days to build support for his proposals. His first stop on Wednesday will be a Canadian owned factory in Asheville, North Carolina where he is expected to tout the revival of U.S. manufacturing.

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