Not the Reaction Christie Was Looking For

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Since Chris Christie is always trying to put on a show, it's interesting to see when Mr. Entertainment's lines fall flat. That appears to be the case at the CATO dinner this past Friday night with this portion of his speech:

"It is a pleasure to be here tonight to celebrate the work of the Cato Institute and tonight's honoree Mao Yushi. People ask me why did you decide to accept this invitation on a Friday night, leave all that is exciting in New Jersey on a Friday night, come down here to this sleepy little hamlet, and speak before a small group of committed conservatives. It is really simple. It is because the Milton Friedman Award is being granted tonight."

Christie's "committed conservative" remark was reportedly not well received by the crowd. Yahoo News' Chris Moody reported there were audible groans:

And then there was this reaction:

The Daily Caller's Michelle Fields was also in attendance at the event and noticed a palpable tension in the room. "I think he was expecting big claps, but only a few people clapped and most of the room just looked really uncomfortable and groaned," she observed. "I spoke to some of the Cato scholars afterwards who told me that everyone at Cato was really upset and angry that he was invited and that Christie was so completely unaware of libertarian views."

It must be harder for Christie when he doesn't have the hand picked audience, at off times of the day, with his cheering section set up directly behind him on stage to get the reaction he was hoping for.

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