No New Background Checks In MN Gun Proposal

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On Wednesday, March 6, state Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL ? Brooklyn Center) and 73 bipartisan cosponsors introduced a bill to improve public safety in Minnesota by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and increasing punishments for repeat offenders. This important legislation, which is supported by the Minnesota Sheriffs Association and gun-rights advocates, would prohibit felons from possessing ammunition, creates mandatory minimums for violent felons that are convicted of possessing firearms on a second or subsequent offense, and provides felony penalties for individuals that engage in repeated false reports of lost or stolen firearms. Rep. Hilstrom, the chief author, is glad to have bipartisan support for common sense solutions. ?It?s clear that we need to do something to improve public safety in this area,? said Rep. Hilstrom. ?This bill takes concrete steps that will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and greatly improve the penalties for repeat offenders. These are steps we can take while still respecting the 2nd Amendment rights of Minnesotans. And the fact that this bill has such strong bipartisan support shows the desire we have a state to move forward with these solutions.? Straw purchases are one of the top methods used by criminals to illegally acquire firearms today. In response, this bill would make it a felony for an individual to knowingly engage in purchasing a firearm for an ineligible person. It also improves criminal data sharing by provide the state and federal criminal background check systems with the most current, accurate, and complete information on individuals that are ineligible from possessing firearms and the duration of the ineligibility.

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