NJEA Cancels Annual Convention - 1st Time in 158 Years

The event its organizers call the "largest educational gathering of its kind in the world" - New Jersey Education Association's annual convention in Atlantic City - is canceled.

It had been scheduled for Nov. 8-9 in Atlantic City.

In addition to the devastation felt in convention destination Atlantic City, which took a near-direct hit in Hurricane Sandy this week, NJEA President Barbara Keshishian also noted that school districts all over the state are grappling with damage closer to home and "need time to recover and regroup from the devastation".

NJEA is exploring ways in which the state's largest teachers union and its members can assist in AC's rebuilding and recovery, and has already reached out to area officials. Keshishian promises the convention will return to Atlantic City next year "bigger and stronger than ever".

Jazzman here. The law says teachers get two days off to attend the convention. But what if there's no convention? Might districts try to open those two days, rather than add even more days to the end of the school year to make up for days missed this week?


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