Group of NJ Small Businesses Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Big business lobbies try to scare voters into believing that all business opposes increasing the minimum wage, and that it would cost jobs. But many small business owners actually support increasing the wage, because it would boost the economy by putting money into the pockets of workers who need it the most and who will turn around and spend it right away. Plus, of course, it's the right thing to do, and most small business owners care about their employees and don't try to exploit them.

As a small business owner myself (Telequest, a producer of documentary films) and a member of NJ Main Street Alliance (a project of NJ Citizen Action), I produced this web ad featuring NJ small business owners who urge voters to vote YES on ballot issue #2 on November 5 to increase NJ's minimum wage to $8.25 with annual cost-of-living increases in the future.

If you live in other states, there's a national organization, Business For a Fair Minimum Wage, that's doing great work across the country. They're backing state-by-state measures to boost the wage, as well as pushing for a Federal increase.

I'm emphasizing business support for better wages here. Everyone figures workers will be supportive, but it goes against the stereotype when business leaders support higher minimum wages (because of a combo of ethics and enlightened self-interest).

By the way, if the federal wage someday gets raised above any state's level, the higher wage applies. So if someday the Federal rate leapfrogs above the rate on the NJ ballot issue, for example, the federal rate will then apply.

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