NJ Democrats Property Tax Relief Plan

For anyone who missed this, here is a great website that gives all the information you could possibly need regarding the Democrats budget plan.


The Democrats' plan aims to give property tax relief to 95% of the taxpayers in NJ with incomes below $250,000 instead of giving 50% of the tax cut to those in the top 5% - which is Christie's plan.

The website is accessible and interactive.  There is a tax savings calculator and you can click on the maps and see exactly what your numbers will be for your municipality.

It explains quite a bit in plain English and starkly draws the contrast between Christie's plan which is a windfall for Romney's ilk, and and the Democrats' plan which helps ordinary NJ taxpayers.  You can also read the newspaper articles about both plans.  

Please share this website with everyone and anyone you know in NJ who pays taxes - which is pretty much everyone.  

This one is not complicated.  We need to support the Democratic plan for the budget.  Please call your NJ state legislators THIS WEEK.  

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