Nick Lampson Reports Strong Fundraising, Growing Momentum in TX-14

Today the Lampson for Congress campaign reported strong fundraising numbers and building momentum across the district. The campaign currently has $421,518 cash on hand and has raised over $1 million from at least 2 thousands contributors. "When you have popular ideas you get popular support." Lampson said today on a conference call. His campaign manager referred to it as the "Lampson brand", but the former Congressman said of himself, "Voters know I'm an independent voice. He [Randy Weber] has a 100% partisan rating and I've done my best to pay attention to the needs of my district."

Lampson got a real boost to his bi-partisan credentials last week when he received the "Problem-Solver Seal" from the No Labels PAC. The 501 (c)(4) organization awards the seal to those candidates who agree to join the "Problem-Solvers Bloc" in congress, an emerging group dedicated to "working across the aisle to discuss effective, principled and pragmatic solutions to our country's problems." No Lables Co-Founder William Galston said of Lampson, "[He] is running for Congress to serve the American people, not partisan interests. His commitment to putting country first makes him a welcome addition to the Problem-Solvers Bloc."

Lampson has represented 80% of the new Tx-14 and most constituents are familiar with his a record of bi-partisanship, yet Weber has staked his campaign on tying Nick Lampson to Nancy Pelosi and pledging to repeal "Obamacare". Putting country first is also the subject of team Lampson's TV ad campaign which helps to highlight the major difference in how these two candidates would legislate. The first ad to hit the airways began with, "There's seems to be a lot of whining and crying in Congress today. We can get so much more done when we work together." In the latest ad they highlight Rep. Randy Weber's votes to give tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas alongside Lampson's own efforts in Congress that helped create local jobs.

That contrast was on display in a recent debate where Lampson pointed out some of those votes that Weber touted as "tough decisions".  Weber said,

We cut 27 billion-with-a-b dollars from our budget, we know what it is to live with in our means, I've proven that with my votes. You know you don't get the number one conservative rating in those house being a go along to get a long guy.

To which Lampson replied,

Randy you cut the Children's heath Insurance Program that left 1.2 million Texas children were left without insurance in those votes that you made. Those were the easy votes because you balanced the budget on the back of our children. You cut $6 billion out of education. If every child in this country is going have the opportunity to go work at NASA and become an astronaut then were not going to get there by cutting back on education, cutting back on healthcare by doing away with the things that have build a strong community and strong families.

This is one of the closest and most important races in the country and one of the few that are competitive in Texas. Lampson is far from the tax and spend liberal that Weber is hoping to portray him as. Lampson proudly noted that he never voted to raise the debt ceiling and worked on the last balanced budget Congress passed in a generation. The biggest problem for Weber is that many voters still remember. But, If you'd like to help by sending them a reminder, you can donate to Nick Lampson for Congress at our Burnt Orange to Blue page.

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