Nick Lampson Receives Every Major Daily Newspaper Endorsement In TX-14

On Sunday the Lampson for Congress campaign received an extra boost just before Early Voting began with the endorsement of all 3 major daily newspapers in TX-14; Houston Chronicle, Beaumont Enterprise and Galveston Daily News. These endorsements were not based on any promises Nick Lampson made this election cycle but on his "solid track record as a moderate who works hard for Southeast Texas." The editorial boards of the Houston Chronicle and Beaumont Enterprise are generally conservative and that will give credit to Lampson's claim that he can work across the isle. As for his opponent, Randy Weber, it shows that getting "the number one conservative rating in the House" isn't necessarily a badge of honor. Federal funds for transportation and infrastructure are crucial to the port cities along the Texas coast and these fast growing areas can't afford another Dr. No.

Weber has spent the entire campaign trying to label Lampson as part of an Obama-Pelosi-Lampson ticket but that notion was soundly rejected as all 3 papers, to my chargrin, also endorsed Mitt Romney. True for now, it may be a waste of ink for a Texas paper to endorse a Democratic President, but Lampson has a record recognizing the needs of this area and delivering. At times Weber has sounded more like he was running against "Obamacare" instead of a moderate opponent with 64% name ID. His website literally says, "Vote to Repeal Obama's Agenda...Vote for Randy Weber". It may be fashionable to bash Obama and the federal government but as the Galveston Daily News said,  "attention to what's happening here, as opposed to what's happening elsewhere, would be welcome." That one criticism puts this entire race into perspective. Nick Lampson deserves another stint in Congress because he is a statesman who puts the interests of Southeast Texas over partisanship.

Early voting starts today and runs through Nov. 2nd. Election Day is Nov. 6th. Here are Early Voting Locations for Brazoria, Galveston, and Jefferson Counties.

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