Newark Picks Shop-Rite over Walmart as Wally World Protests Grow

This is good news. Too often we hear about food deserts in urban areas, but it looks like Newark is getting itself a nice new shopping area with a New Jersey based grocery store as its centerpiece.

The ShopRite deal was first reported Monday night by The Wall Street Journal, which said the supermarket chain won the support of Mayor Cory Booker over Walmart. The story said Wakefern Food Corp., the Woodbridge-based retail cooperative and distribution arm for ShopRite, signed a 20-year lease for the site.

This comes on the heals of Wakefern opening a distribution center in Newark, as well. Good stuff both on the local shopping and the jobs fronts, as well as the ever-evolving battle against the Walton family's megastore takeover. It seems that the protesting of Walmart is gaining momentum as its annual shareholder meeting gets ready to convene.


From Workers World:


Walmart workers across the United States resumed their strike at the end of May and began caravaning toward Bentonville, Ark., the site of Walmart headquarters and the company’s annual shareholders’ convention scheduled for June 7. The morning of June 3 strikers and their supporters set up picket lines in Bentonville.

Organizers from OUR Walmart — short for Organization United for Respect — report that the number of workers who have joined the protest has increased by 25 percent, and some experts are going so far as to say that the movement has reached a “critical mass.” “The current strikes suggest that the campaign for better wages and improved working conditions at Walmart is here to stay,” said John Logan, a professor of labor and employment studies at San Francisco State University. Logan believes the strikes are a symptom of the campaign’s durability. (Huffington Post, May 30)

Walmart has a long history of abusing its workers and suppressing strikes through illegal means. It was recently cited for dumping toxic sludge into California’s sanitary sewers and has been sued by women workers for rampant sex discrimination. Documents unearthed by Bangladeshi labor rights activists in the aftermath of a horrendous factory collapse, which killed more than 1,100 workers, revealed that jeans produced there were sold under contract by Walmart.


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