New York Times falls for Esty's death penalty vote lie

Ugh! When will people actually do research as opposed to listening to the spin.

Here's a tidbit from the New York Times regarding their endorsement of "Republican-Light" Elizabeth Esty.

She is not afraid to vote her conscience, famously voting to ban capital punishment in Connecticut, knowing that the move would likely cost her re-election to the statehouse.

Unfortunately, this is a famously misleading statement Esty's been peddling across the fifth district...but if reporters would simply take a look at the raw numbers, then they would know that Esty is not being truthful.

In Cheshire (ground zero of the death penalty debate): in 2008, Esty lost by 2.6%, in 2010 she lost by 4.0%. That's a difference of 1.4% (The population was 28,543 according to the 2000 census).

Now, lets take a look back at Esty's "Republican-Light" alternative budget proposal.

‚óŹ Eliminate additional funding for Edison and Wintergreen magnet schools, which results in a $ 1. 5 million savings in each year.

Why is this relevant? Because the Wintergreen magnet school is located in Hamden, which was part of Esty's State Rep district.

...and how did she do in Hamden after the public became aware of her budget proposal? In 2008, Esty won by 14.0%, and in 2010 she won by 6.2%...a difference of 7.8% (population was 58,180 according to the Census Bureau's 2005 estimates).

In short, it can be argues that Esty lost ehr seat NOT because of her stance on the death penalty but rather because of her plan to eliminate funding for education in her own district...but lets not let the facts get in the way of a warm and fuzzy myth.

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