New Coat of Paint on Same Termite Infested House

After seeing former "loyal Bushie" Governor Christie give the keynote presentation at the recent Republican Convention, I was reminded that, despite the best efforts of the Republican Party, Version 2010 to erase the stained legacy of the past 10 years, it is no more than the same stench with new faces.

The title of this diary is more apt, since we saw the exact same policies that the Bush administration and Bush era Republican Congress pushed, and the theme of restoring America to some grand time during the 2000s (I can only assume since they wouldn't want to restore the prosperous Clinton years).  The difference here is that, outside of Christie and war criminal Condi Rice, it was if the RNC borrowed Mitt Romney's "Etch a Skectch" to hide the termites that infested the party under the regime that they were so proud of during the last decade.

Regardless of whether either or both of the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged or accurate, the former 2 term President was nowhere to be found at the RNC.  Not a mention of him, not an appearance, nothing.  Ditto for Dick Cheney, the architect of the war policies that these same Republicans wore like a badge for a decade.  Ditto for Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Tom DeLay (is he in prison?), or any of the Republican leaders of the 2000s.

The problem here is that as long as Governor Christie is still regarded (for whatever reason) as the next or only hope of a Party that is further marginalizing itself with more of the electorate with each racist, sexist, homophobic or headsmackingly arrogant comment, the reminder of the termites will be there.  Christie owes his political career to the Bush regime - this is well documented.  From getting the US Attorney job in the first place due to his brother's money to getting onto and off of the list of US Attorneys to be fired to the cronyism and no bid contracts to his former boss John Ashcroft and peer at the NY US Attorney's office and the selective prosecutions he used to make his run for Governor in the first place - it all goes back to the house of termites.

The same horrific economic policies he pushes follow those that Mitt Romney is pushing now which follow those that Bush and the Republican Party, Version 2000.  Nationally, the Republican Party may be looking to erase what they were so proud of (as witnessed by the last Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin's bewilderment that John Kerry would even know her name), but in reality, the traveling circus isn't much different.  Instead of candidates like Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee, there is Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain.  Same caricature, different face.  And in 2016, you betcha that it will be Chris Christie's name along with Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and who knows what other slugs are lurking for their chance as The One(TM).

And that is the thing.  It doesn't matter what face the Republicans trot out - they still owe themselves and their allegiance to the same cronyism, the same corrupt mindset and the same failed policies as the very leaders of their Party that are now taboo to mention.  It doesn't hide the destruction underneath that they have wreaked on America.

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