What Netanyahu Wouldn't Do for You: See What He's Planning for Obama's Visit

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office held a preparatory meeting ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Israel. In addition to personnel from the PMO, representatives from the Israeli President's Residence, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Israel Police, the Jerusalem Municipality, Ben-Gurion International Airport, and other agencies also attended the meeting.

National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror said:

It is very important that the visit be marked by three points: One, that it go smoothly from start to finish. It is important for us that the Prime Minister and the President have fruitful and productive talks — this is the basis for the continuation of work over the next four years. It is important to us that the President and all those who watch the visit see the beautiful Land of Israel as much as possible given the short schedule. Cooperation between all elements — among all the Israelis, and between us and the Americans — is also vital for the success of the visit.

The general outline of the visit was presented as follows.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013:

  • Welcoming ceremony at BGI Airport
  • Presentation of Iron Dome (may be moved to the end of the visit)
  • Welcoming ceremony and meeting at the President's Residence
  • Meeting, press conference and dinner with the Prime Minister

Thursday, March 21, 2013

  • Visit the Shrine of the Book (home of the Dead Sea Scrolls) at the Israel Museum
  • Visit exhibition of innovative technology at the Israel Museum
  • Visit the Palestinian Authorit
  • State dinner with the President

Friday, March 22, 2013

  • Wreath-laying ceremony at Herzl's grave
  • Wreath-laying ceremony at Rabin's grave
  • Visit Yad Vashem

Gil Sheffer, the head of the Prime Minister's bureau, said:

Arrangements by the Israel Police, the ISA, the Foreign Ministry, the Prime Minister's Office, the President's Residence and staff at the official sites that the US President will visit are all in their final stages. We will go to the sites that the President will visit. In this context, we have already completed preparations ahead of the exhibit that will be held at the Israel Museum at which technological developments will be presented in the fields of — inter alia — renewable energy, search and rescue technology, and robotics. The exhibit will present Israel as a technological leader. National Economic Council Chairman Prof. Eugene Kandel chaired the committee that selected the items in the exhibit.

Edna Halabani, head of the Prime Minister's Office department for international visits and liaison, said:

There is excellent cooperation with the Americans and with the various agencies: The Foreign Ministry, the President's Residence, the ISA, the Israel Police, the Jerusalem Municipality and the various branches of the Prime Minister's Office, including the Deputy Director General and the National Information Directorate. The cooperation is very good.

Head of the National Information Directorate, Liran Dan, said:

We are prepared for the arrival of hundreds of journalists ahead of US President Obama's visit. Our goal is to give these hundreds of journalists the best service possible. We will set up media centers to provide information to journalists 24 hours a day. Emphasis will be given to providing information via social networks; to this end, we have launched a PMO application for smartphones. Our goal for the visit is to emphasize two things: One is the deep and abiding connection between Israel and the US. The second is that we want to utilize the international attention that will be on the State of Israel for the 48 hours of President Obama's visit in order to stress Israel's status as a technological leader.

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