Allegedly Pro-Business Christie Investing One Quarter What His Dem Predecessor Did in Small Business Development

There's a myth out there, repeated often by Democrats endorsing Governor Chris Christie, that New Jersey's top executive is supportive of business in the state.

Apparently he's supportive of big business, ludicrously large malls and failing casinos, but when it comes to the small manufacturer or local retail join,t he can't be bothered to help:

New Jersey's investment in its network of Small Business Development Centers lags far behind that of other states, with funding levels totaling less than one-quarter of the nationwide average, according to survey results released today.

The national study found that the state's annual allocation to the centers is $250,000, while the average investment throughout the country is $1.1 million. The results, coupled with what the nonprofit network says is its high return on investment, are helping drive its call for Gov. Chris Christie and the Legislature to increase the funding level.

But, surely this is all the Corzine Democrats fault, right?  This must be an increase, even if it's only a dollar like with school district increases. 'Cause Christie loves business development!

The release also noted funding had been as high as $1 million under Gov. Jon Corzine, but was reduced and frozen at $250,000 amid the belt-tightening of subsequent budget cycles.

You read that right. Jon Corzine, the man likened to a commie who hates small business, funded these clearing houses for helping small businesses four times as much as Christie? Christie isn't pro-business. He's pro-big-business.

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