My take on the Detroit Free Press's proposal endorsements

Caption: The Detroit Free Press issued its endorsements of the six referendums on Michigan's ballot.
Credits: Scott Olson/Getty Images Detroit Free Press referendum endorsements maintain status quo

On Sunday, the Detroit Free Press issued its endorsements for the six proposals on the statewide ballot, recommending a yes vote on Proposal 1 and no votes on the other five.

Voting as the paper suggested would maintain the status quo. There would be no changes to Michigan's constitution and no laws would be repealed.
The Free Press agonized over both Proposal 2 and Proposal 3, as the paper has supported both labor and renewable energy over the years. On the other hand, it easily dismissed Proposals 4, 5, and 6.

For a summary of the Freep's editorial, click on the link in the headline, which will take you to the rest of the article I wrote.

For what it's worth, this is not how I would vote. I'm voting no on Proposal 1, as I think the assault on democracy and local control is a cure worse than the disease. I'm also voting yes on Proposals 2, 3, and 4. I'll have more to say about Proposal 3 in particular.* Until then, I recommend reading Brian Dickerson: Why I'm voting for renewable energy.

However, I agree with the Detroit Free Press on the rest. I'm voting no on Proposals 5 and 6. My stance on Proposal 6 should come as no surprise, given what I've already posted in New Detroit-Windsor Bridge: Up with Snyder and down with Maroun and Video updates from WXYZ and WOOD on "Vagina" and bridge. Matty Maroun can go to Hell.

*Continue over the jump for the first installment of what I've written so far about Proposal 3, plus a bonus comment on the Freep's endorsements for Senate and Michigan Supreme Court.

Former U.S. Representative Joe Schwarz will be one of the members of a panel on Proposition 3 at the U-M School of Public Health Thursday, October 25th.
Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain U of M to hold two events Thursday on Proposal 3 and renewable energy

On Thursday, October 25th, voters in Washtenaw County can attend two events at the University of Michigan about Proposal 3 and renewable energy.

From 4:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., the School of Public Health will host Michigan's Renewable Energy Proposal: A Health, Science and Policy Conversation. This event is billed as a discussion on the health, environmental, and policy issues and impact of Michigan Proposal 3, which will amend the state constitution to require 25% of Michigan's electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2025.

Then beginning at 7:00 P.M., four activists and scientists will hold a panel at the Dana Building titled "A Cure for the Common Coal." The panelists will discuss the problems associated with mining and burning coal, as well as options for cleaner, more humane sources of energy.

In article about Free Press referendum endorsements (above the fold here), I wrote that "I'll have more to say about Proposal 3 in particular." The article above makes good on that promise.

Above orginally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News here.

Now for the bonus comment on the rest of the Freep's endorsements.

Senator Debbie Stabenow earned the endorsement of the Detroit Free Press for U.S. Senate.
Credit: Public Domain (Wikipedia) Detroit Free Press endorses Stabenow, Michigan Supreme Court candidates

This Sunday, the Detroit Free Press endorsed Senator Debbie Stabenow, saying she has earned a third term. The paper praised her for being "one of the Senate's most effective deal-makers, a fierce advocate for her home state and the Great Lakes that surround it."

The week before, the paper issued its recommendations for Michigan Supreme Court. It endorsed Connie Marie Kelley, Bridget Mary McCormack, and Brian Zahra.

The week before that, the Free Press also urged a no vote on Proposal 5, calling it "a prescription for disaster."

For details, read the rest of the article for a summary of the three Detroit Free Press editorials, or just click on through to the editorials themselves in the embedded links.

There is also a video of Debbie Stabenow at the link. However, that one is a video that the incentives program at will reward, as it was taken from Grab Networks. It isn't the one I would have used if the incentives program allowed YouTube videos. This is.

Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack

The cast of the West Wing reunites to walk and talk about why it's important to vote on the nonpartisan section of the ballot -- and why Bridget Mary McCormack should be on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Maybe I should have looked for Grab videos about this ad. Nah, too meta.

Above originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News here.

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