My Lorax Moment - Victory

At the meeting last night, the Community Center Gym project was pulled by the PAL who decided to back out based on the mounting public opposition to a project that would have cost the Borough $1.9 million when they had only $261,000 budgeted for it.

The opponents of the project had to sit though a half hour screed by the PAL who appeared to be trying to get the Council to save the project.

Here is the video taken by Gina Barthelemy
However, now that the trees are down, the PAL is probably going to try to turn all of that into new parking lots.

The NJDEP still has not ruled on whether to grant the Borough a hardship exception. They could very well demand a stream restoration and removal of the illegal garage in the riparian buffer.

Many of the opponents assume that the Council will just get past the election and bring the Gym up again.

But maybe next time the Council will ask a lot more questions before they approve any more money.

As for my parents, the tree cutting has already taken a toll.  Their basement was still seeping water in Monday night from the rainstorm on Friday. The flooding is officially worse now. In a drought.

So this is a bittersweet victory.

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