My Lorax Moment Update

A political update to my Lorax story. It appears Councilman Robert "The Onceler" Gillman who summarily chopped down my childhood, lost his primary in Bergenfield.  How sad. Not.  

Unfortunately the Record is spinning it that it was all Clancy's doing.  Gillman wants a recount.

His running mate happened to win - which means that voters in Bergenfield are savvy enough to know that Councilman Lodato is a class act, while his running mate was only representing his organization - the PAL rather than the rank and file mere Bergenfield citizen.

There is a council meeting tonite. I plan on being there with my folks - just like I have been for the past few months - with dozens of other angry residents - long before Clancy even made a peep about this or used it for his own ends.

The biggest disappointment was the Mayor, who  let this whole thing unfold because Gillman is his Golden Boy who could do no wrong - even when he cut down trees on Green Acres land BEFORE the public hearing.  The Mayor tried to cover for him and completely lost all my respect. He could have saved Gillman from himself and those trees, and the creek and the flooded residents, but he chose loyalty - which makes him no better than Clancy.

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