My Lorax Moment - Postscript

The official Record article from today credits the local residents who spoke up with being the force that stopped the ill-conceived and under-funded  project from going through against the wishes of the public.

I am really proud to know these folks.  They have been TIRELESS since last November when this plan was hatched.  They have come to every meeting against what seemed like impossible odds, and even when the building was delivered to the site - they kept going to meetings. Even when the trees were cut, they kept coming to meetings. Even when their cars were keyed, they still came to meetings.  Even when they got threats and intimidation, they still came, wrote letters, and spoke up.

I am proud to be from Bergenfield.  For these folks who opposed the project -  most of them had actually been volunteers for the PAL and some still are, it was difficult for them. This debate pit them against an organization they still believe in. It will take a while to heal the rift, as you can tell from the heated comments in the article.

The PAL leaders may never understand that these residents saved them from a years long financial debacle, but that is what happened. It wasn't about personalities or vendettas.  It was about flooding. It was about acting without public input. It was about trees. And most of all, in the end, it was about money.  

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