Murphy responds to McMahon attack in new ad

Recently, Chris Murphy for Senate campaign released a new ad that addressed Linda McMahon's silly charge that the Congressman was AWOL from his job.


On Friday, the Chris Murphy for Senate campaign released their latest ad: "That's Real." In the ad, Murphy addresses McMahon's false and misleading attacks on his record. Murphy points out that McMahon will say and do anything to become Connecticut's next Senator, even if it means lying to voters.

Murphy has spent his career fighting for our middle class and bringing jobs back to Connecticut. In the ad, Murphy stands in front of an industrial site in Waterbury that he secured funding to clean up, creating 75 new jobs. Murphy explains that when the clean-up is complete, companies will be able to expand on this site, allowing for hundreds more Connecticut jobs to be created.

At the end of the ad, Murphy presents his record versus Linda's record to voters, telling them that the work he has done on behalf of Connecticut is "not just a plan" it's "real."


For those of us who understand how Congress works, Linda McMahon's latest ad is laughable at best. Hopefully this slight of hand from McSteroids will not fool the public.

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