Mudcat: GOTV Will Lead Obama and Kaine to Prevail in Virginia

Mudcat explained on MSNBC with Chuck Todd that he did not see the Commonwealth as a "purple" state, but rather still as a "red" state, based on the makeup of the General Assembly. At a local state level, he is without doubt correct (and it must look extremely red from his perch down there in Roanoke), but thanks to continuing demographic changes and a growing urban population, particularly in NOVA, the picture is not quite as clear on a statewide basis. It is now possible for Democrats to statewide elections without attracting significant numbers of "independents" to its side.

Indeed, at the very end of the interview, Todd asked about the whether Democrats could offset losing that "independent" vote in the Commonwealth (which Todd sited in the Southern D.C. suburbs, the Northern Neck, and the more rural areas of Hampton Roads), and Mudcat had an interesting response:

There's something else at work here in Virginia that people don't talk about. The best GOTV guy in the history of the Commonwealth is Mike Henry, and he's out there working with Tim Kaine. And I can promise you they are out there. And you've got a double GOTV effort going on between Obama and Kaine. And I think they will prevail.

Yep. That's Mudcat, saying the Democrats will win by turning out Democrats, not by attracting conservatives -- er, independents, to their side.

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