"Moses of My People" the movie!

I'm not kidding folks...the self-described "Moses of My People" made a documentary.

Press release:

Today, The Preferred Group Communications released the 2 minute long trailer to the documentary film that chronicles the last days of former State Senator Ernie Newton's comeback campaign. The film is scheduled to premier October 24th at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport, CT.

The film details the distinctive message of Mr. Newton, a former legislator that served 5 years in federal prison on political corruption charges. Mr. Newton was released in 2010. Upon his return back to Bridgeport, Mr. Newton continued his activism. Earlier this year, he declared he would run for the seat he vacated upon going to prison. The State Senate district he sought to represent is one of the poorest in Connecticut, right along the Gold Coast.

Mr. Newton ran his campaign on the unique message of "Redemption & Opportunity for Our Community" a message that he self identified with and one that was emblematic of the distressed neighborhoods within the district. "We need redemption as people, to rise up and take back our communities to save our kids," Newton exclaimed. "That's what the redemption piece means, more than for myself, it means for a community. We need to be engaged, we need to love one another, help one another," he added.

An underdog in the race, Mr. Newton made history by winning the Democratic Party nomination in May and lost by a slim margin in the August 14th Democratic Primary.

Vinny Mangiacopra, President of The Preferred Group and Producer of the film added that it is an important message that needs to be heard. "Within all of the millions of dollars being spent on political campaigning, you hear very little about how leaders are going to make life better for people in these types of communities," Mangiacopra said. "Our story tells the tale of the desperate need for redemption and opportunities for communities that were once great, filled with neighborhood pride and jobs, but are now riddled by violence and poverty. Ernie's campaign was about risking all of the public scrutiny in order to shine a light on what's taking place in our streets."

In what will be an hour-long film, Redemption & Opportunity: A Community Mission will take you through the final 4 days of a classic 3-way Democratic Primary campaign. This captivating perspective takes you inside a series of telling sit down interviews, campaign events, strategy sessions, personal stories and the riveting moments when receiving final results.

SMH...I hope there's a Q&A session after this movie!

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