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Last night on Twitter I called Mitt Romney a "jackass" for implying that being raised by a single parent is a causative factor behind gun violence.

I stand by that assessment. I was raised by a single mom who, as a woman in her twenties with a kid in school, balanced the requirements of parenting a precocious kid against having a career in a field in which to this day it's tough for women to succeed. She raised me to adulthood, and managed to become one of the few female executives in her field along the way.

Violence? Drugs? Nope. And to top it off, from that less-than-ideal situation, I was able to attend a great college, graduate, get work, and start a stable -- traditional! -- family of my own, despite Romney's implication that my situation should have been a precursor to violence.

Now, if I could ask the obvious question of Romney in person, would he make an exception? Sure, hard work, respect choices we made, blah blah blah. But that doesn't somehow blot out the fact that he implied -- strongly -- that a single-parent home is a direct cause of gun violence and personally insulted the millions of us who grew up in such homes and are perfectly functional members of society who don't shoot each other.

Sorry Mitt. You just threw some red meat to the Focus on the Family crowd, and insulted millions of hard-working Americans who come from atypical families.

Let us know how that works out for you on November 6th.

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