MN United for All Families Responds to Tom Bakk's Marriage Equality Blunder

Last Thursday, Don Davis of Forum Communications got a quote from new Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk about marriage equality chances in the upcoming legislative session. Davis wrote that Bakk was getting lots of calls from "some real liberal constituencies" and that he was "reluctant to get into anything that is of a divisive nature."

To be fair to Bakk, this is Don Davis of the right wing Forum Communications.

I talked to Richard Carlbom of Minnesotans United for All Families.

"We know there are many priorities, including the budget, school funding and tax reform facing the legislature in 2013," Carlbom said. "While legislators will focus on their top priorities, we know the conversation about why marriage matters - its about love, commitment and responsibility - has only just begun. This conversation about why marriage matters will continue throughout all aspects of Minnesota life, including the legislature."

The campaign to "Vote No" has become the "Yes" to equality for all Minnesotans campaign. They will do the research and polling. They aren't going to foolishly rush into pushing their bill. Marriage equality supporters will pick the best time to get the bills introduced in each House of the legislature.

Don't forget that a majority of legislators support marriage equality and want to do something about it.

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