MN Elections Director: No evidence of fraud in 2012 election

For once, the State canvassing board had a relatively low-key meeting to certify the results from the 2012 election. The board approved two hand recounts in close legislative races, but this year there are no high-profile statewide recounts. The board also notes that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2012 election:

Minnesota Elections Director Gary Poser says there is no evidence of voter fraud in the state's 2012 general election. Poser made the comments as the State canvassing board reviewed and approved the results from the November 6th election. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie agreed with Poser that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

Anti-voting activists have been telling us for years that fraud is rampant in Minnesota, despite all evidence for the contrary. In fact, the head of the Voter Restriction Amendment campaign even blamed fraud for the amendment's loss. The fact is, they're just making stuff up. I'm proud that Minnesota voters weren't fooled.

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