Mitt Romney and his Communsits buddies

Mitt Ronmey, according to Alex Ansary, and the UNN news room has aided the video surveliance industry in Red China to control its citizens via the Bain owned company Uniview Technologies. I'll bet that this wins approval from "Senator" Communist China Mitch McConnell, his wife , and in-laws, too.

This says a lot about Mitt Romney's morals and religion. Hey Mitt come down here and bring Ann with you, along with some television cameras and a news team. I'll show the both of you how beautiful my center digit is in front of your faces. Oh by the way don't forget them magic under drawers and the hat full of rocks.

Now don't forget Mr. Redneck NRA you gotta vote for Mitt because your Pastor told you to, By God.


Bain Capital

John Hancock Tower

200 Clarendon Street

Boston, MA 02116

Main: (617) 516-2000

Fax: (617) 516-2010

Bain Capital Asia, LLC

46/F Two IFC

8 Century Boulevard

Shanghai 200120

Main: +86 (21) 6163-2000

Fax: +86 (21) 6163-2088

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