Mitch McConnell Holding Captive Audience Meetings With Hospital Employees

In Kentucky, it can be difficult to find out where Mitch McConnell is going to be speaking. Team Mitch keeps that sort of information close to the vest. However, Mitch McConnell loves to brag about meeting with folks after the fact. Even when the meetings are closed to the public — or held for an audience arguably held captive.

Employers often allow Mitch McConnell to speak to their employees. Does anyone really think that any of these employees will call Mitch out or ask Mitch an uncomfortable question while the boss is watching? Really? Not in this economy!

Senator McConnell’s eNewsletter - - Week of January 6, 2014.

"This week Senator McConnell participated in his 59th hospital townhall meeting to discuss how Obamacare is affecting Kentuckians and Kentucky businesses. Senator McConnell spoke with employees at Baptist Health Lexington and listened to their experiences with Obamacare."

This is what Greg Leichty, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate found when he tried to attend the Baptist Health Lexington townhall meeting: "I was there early and found it was a closed meeting to employees and volunteers. You had to have the ID or invitation to get in the door."

This is what Geoffrey M Young, Kentucky Green Party congressional candidate in Kentucky's 6th congressional district, found when he tried to attend the Baptist Health Lexington townhall meeting: "Three security men stopped me outside the door to the auditorium. They informed me it was closed to everyone but hospital employees. After about 25 minutes of conversation with them, I left a message with the public affairs director, Tammy Flora, who might or might not call me back."

It's time for Mitch McConnell to come out of hiding and hold real townhall meetings. Open to the public townhall meetings, because we have some real questions to ask and we want answers. And furthermore we want to video tape the meetings for the world to see the real Mitch McConnell.

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