Missouri Opts in to State-Run Drug Distribution! (To Keep Killing Inmates on Death Row)

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster thinks he's hit upon a novel way around some of the problems plaguing the death penalty these days – create a state-run death penalty labratory to concoct the now-scarce drugs used to kill inmates.

The attorney general for a state that has refused to participate in the Affordable Care Act – and with it, a state-run insurance exchange and expansion of Medicaid  – on the grounds that it expands government's reach too far, now wants the medical establishment to create a state pharmacy, but only to provide the drugs needed to kill prisoners.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

[Koster] said for the state to continue with executions, “it is my belief the Legislature should remove market-driven participants and pressures from the system and appropriate funds to establish a state-operated, DEA-licensed, laboratory to produce the execution chemicals in our state.”

He believes it would address both the lack of drugs available and the call for more transparency in the death penalty system. But what it also does is underscore in bold colors the skewed priorities of some politicians to continue an outdated and cruel regime. Why do Missouri's politicians remain more committed to revenge than to taking care of those in need?

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