Millionaires for McMahon rally in support of Paul Ryan tomorrow

Come to West Hartford tomorrow and watch the filthy rich in action!

Press release:

West Hartford- Millionaires for McMahon is a local group of super wealthy individuals who support Linda McMahon's US Senate campaign because the positions she takes benefit them personally. On everything from cutting taxes on the wealthy, to privatizing health coverage, to gutting health and safety requirements, Linda McMahon will help the millionaires and billionaires of this country.

Sunday, Millionaires for McMahon will rally in support of Paul Ryan to thank him for standing with Linda McMahon on so many important policies. Both Paul Ryan and Linda McMahon want to replace Medicare with a voucher system and repeal Obamacare so that our friends in the insurance industry can continue to get rich on health care.  Ryan and McMahon also agree that we should weaken Dodd-Frank regulations that have so hampered our ability to game the stock market.

We millionaires are paying historically low tax rates thanks to loopholes and the Bush tax cuts, but Linda McMahon and Paul Ryan are going the extra mile to protect the Bush tax cuts for us.

Both Linda McMahon and Paul Ryan want to eliminate federal programs the super rich don't have any interest in paying for; like job training, economic development, and teacher training. They want to let our oil companies loose to drill and frack on US soil because they know that our ability to make money on oil is far more important than the environment.

** Millionaires for McMahon come out to support Paul Ryan's  **


Millionaires for McMahon rally in support of Paul Ryan.


3115 Albany Ave., West Hartford, CT, 06117


10 am, September 30, 2012

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