Michael Bloomberg Lays SMACKDOWN on Conspiracy-Floating Wolf Blitzer

There's no tragedy that the Tea Party can't turn into a head-spinning, mouth-foaming conspiracy these days, and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is no stranger. Last year, as part of an effort to discredit gun control, Glenn Beck portrayed Bloomberg as a Nazi. Always happy to mindlessly parrot literally any theory that comes across his sweaty desk, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Bloomberg if there's any truth to Ted Cruz's current erection: That the FAA's temporary ban on flights to Tel Aviv was essentially a politically motivated economic sanction in disguise.

Never mind that the Gaza conflict has transformed Israel overnight from a perennially embattled holy land to a hellish warzone in which rockets literally pelt the airport. Blame Obama! In fact, the GOP doesn't mind if it does: Cruz is now blocking diplomatic appointments over this nonsense.

Thankfully, Bloomberg gave Blitzer what-for.


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