Remember Scott Walker: Michelle Obama Rally Serves as Reminder of Last Time Wisconsin Slept at Midterms

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Milwaukee on Monday at a campaign rally for Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. She spoke to a packed house at the Wisconsin Center and challenged everyone to Get Out The Vote:

"We all need to be as passionate and hungry for this election as we were in 2008 and 2012," Obama told a packed crowd at the Wisconsin Center Monday.

"When the midterms come along, too many of our people just tune out, and that's what a lot of folks on the other side are counting on this year," she said. "They're assuming that we won't care, they're assuming that we won't be organized and energized - and only we can prove them wrong."

Transcript: Remarks by the First Lady at a Voter Mobilization Rally -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This rally was for Mary Burke but the words should be repeated at every Democratic campaign rally in the country between now and election day. History suggests that Democratic voters don't care much about the midterms but this year is different; this year we have the results of the low turnout 2010 midterms as a reminder of what happens when we can't be bothered to vote. A reminder that those of us with school age children see every single day.

When Scott Walker chopped almost a billion dollars from state aid to education in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and to outside business interests, he dealt a huge blow to our future. His future as a GOP presidential contender may be enhanced by his teacher-bashing credentials but those of us who call Wisconsin home and who are raising families here and who count on public schools want a different future.

The New Direction that Mary Burke envisions for education:

Education has always offered a way up to a good job and a better life.  It's the fabric of our communities, and it's the key to a strong economy in the long term.

Mary believes Wisconsin schools should be among the best in the nation-and she knows that making historic cuts isn't the way to do it.  She'll work every day to strengthen our public education system, from K-12 to our technical colleges and university system.

The Republican Party does not want people to have a way up to a good job and a better life. It is up to us to deny them the levers of power and take back our hijacked statehouses. The future begins at the ballot box.

Get Out The Vote ... Get Out And Vote.


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