Medical Marijuana Gets Bipartisan Backing in MN

A bill to legalize medical marijuana is introduced to the Minnesota House and Senate. The bill would limit the use of marijuana to just a few diseases. Rep. Tom Hackbarth tells reporters his wife is terminally ill, so he understands the quality of life issue at the heart of medical marijuana issue.

The bill has sponsors from both the Republican and Democratic parties. Governor Mark Dayton has said he opposes legalizing medical marijuana unless it has the support of police. The bill would probably not be passed this year since committee deadlines have passed, but could be considered for passage in 2014.

Joani Whiting opposed doctors who wanted to help her daughter with medical marijuana. Other members of her family finally moved Stephanie out of Joani's care so she could be treated with medical marijuana. Joani tells the story of how that changed her mind about marijuana and why she is now supporting a bill to legalize it for treating a limited number of diseases in Minnesota.

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