Palin Upset by Lamestream Media Snub

Snow white trash and perennial media whore, Sarah Palin, is all butthurt because the big old mean lamestream media didn't invite her to this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. So like a pouty teenage girl that got suspended from school and can't attend the prom, Palin pretended to be all like, "I don't need your stupid dinner!" And with Twitter being the one and only place for juvenile tantrums, the quitter-in-chief bashed the event. 

Aw, poor Sarah just has to sit at one of her homes where she apparently has her own ready for TV studio, just like every working American. If anything, Americans are now laughing their asses off following that tweet.
But Shakespearean Sarah just woundn't "refudiate" and took her butthurt to the second place to have juvenile tantrums: Facebook.
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