Hannity on Abusive Rutgers Coach: 'I Kinda Like Old-Fashioned Discipline'

AP PhotoOn Wednesday, Rutgers fired men's basketball coach Mike Rice after a video emerged showing him physically and verbally abusing students, including using homophobic slurs.

While most were up in arms over the video, Fox News host Sean Hannity gave it a big shrug of the shoulders. Laying the blame on political correctness, he told guest Michelle Malkin that he kind-of likes "old-fashioned discipline."

Hannity also goes on to say that the burden shouldn't be on the coach, and that if the students don't like how they're being treated, "They're adults - they can leave and go play basketball somewhere else."

According to Hannity, Rice was just trying to get the best out of his team, which finished 12th in the Big East last year, and second to last in attendance:

But isn't he trying to do something... because sports is so competitive today that he's trying to bring the best out of them, put discipline in that team, raise their game, force them to focus, push them to become champions, and that takes intensity.

Rice's career record at Rutgers is an upside-down 44-51. Despite what Hannity believes, I guess calling his players "faggots" and hurling basketballs at their heads isn't a successful motivation tool after all.  

Watch the video:

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