It Only Took Fox News 6 Hours to Cover the Chris Christie Bridge Scandal

Nearly six hours after news first broke that emails revealed an aide to Gov. Chris Christie was involved in the closure of lanes of the George Washington Bridge to create traffic problems in Fort Lee, N.J., Fox News finally got around to reporting the incident to its viewers, according to conservative media watchdog Media Matters.

During a short segment of Shepard Smith Reporting, Shep Smith admitted that "the emails will be trouble for Governor Christie at least in local politics for quite some time. And if he decides to run for president, rest assured they'll end up in campaign ads. There's no question about it."

For viewers looking for a detailed account into how one of Christie's top aids was part of a scheme to dish out political payback against a Democratic mayor who didn't endorse him, Smith let viewers know that "they're an easy Google away if you want to take a look."

Watch the video, courtesy of Media Matters:


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