Mayors Behaving Badly or The Real Mayors of New Jersey

Thanks to Nick Lento, blogger, activist, and video journalist, I was actually able to get a YouTube video of just what is going on in Bergenfield regarding the My Lorax Moment diaries.

Here is the video of the meeting where The Mayor finally discusses the unavoidable fact that they don't have the money to build the Gym. (I hate to say I told them so, but there it is):

Watch how the Mayor wants to avoid the pesky bidding laws and get an "unofficial" quote for a 1/3 acre building foundation that will cost over $350 k. Mind you, there is NO money set aside to actually erect the steel frame ON the foundation or even finish the inside. This thing will be like watch you get from a street hustler.  Nothing inside. But wait - it gets more interesting.
Here is the public comments section where you get to see the Mayor in action playing the Mitt Romney game of "victim" and demanding apologies from everyone.

I am told his antics are hilarious by some folks. I don't actually have the stomach to look at them - since I lived them, as you will see.

First he attacks Donna Flannery who is polite to a fault, for writing a letter to the local paper mentioning that he approved $300,000 without explaining to the public what they were getting for the money, and then he goes after me.  

For anyone interested in seeing the The Real Mayors of NJ show for real,  the next meeting is at 7 pm on July 24.  It would be entertaining if the folks begging for the right to speak weren't suffering flooding at the hands of the Mayor's friends.

As a postscript, The Mayor's friend, Robert "the Onceler" Gilman, who ordered the trees cut for the whole project BEFORE the Green Acres Public hearing, was just unanimously found by the ethics board to need a hearing regarding his transgressions in regards to this whole project.

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