Construction Workers Win Lawsuit Against Concrete Company in MA

In Massachusetts, a concrete company has been ordered to pay $161,000 in back pay and penalties for failing to comply with the prevailing wage.

Hopedale’s Marguerite Concrete Contractors, Inc. will pay five civil citations for shorting 23 employees of $102,000 in wages. The citations include:

…failing to pay the prevailing wage; intentionally failing to pay the prevailing wage; intentionally misrepresenting an employee as an independent contractor; intentionally failing to submit true and accurate certified payroll records to awarding authorities; and failing to furnish records for inspection.

The settlement was announced by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

In a statement, Coakley said of the case,

“Employers are required to pay employees a state determined wage for each hour of construction work on public works projects, maintain accurate payroll records, and produce those records upon demand. We enforce these laws not only to protect workers, but to level the playing field for all businesses that play by the rules.”

The matter was investigated by the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division after a complaint from one of the affected employees.

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