Mary Franson Wins Recount, May the Jokes Continue

Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) gained a vote today as her recount wrapped up. She now leads by 12 votes. The result will be certified next week.

She led her DFL challenger Bob Cunniff by a single vote on election night. This total was revised to 11 because inspection of the ballots determined that 35 ballots were given to the wrong voters. A court ruled that 35 votes be randomly removed resulting in her 11 vote lead.

Franson will bring her crazy back to the State Capitol - Cunniff stated he will not be suing to contest the result.

We get two more years of jokes comparing the poor to animals, hatin' on Teh Gayz, crackpot evangeglical rants, tirades about non-denominational legislative prayers and insights into international affairs from a moronic perspective. And maybe she'll entertain us with another very public breakup.

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