Mary Franson lead increased to 11 votes

She'll likely continue to bring the Crazy to the Capitol

Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) had a much better chance of bringing her peculiar brand of crazy back to the halls of the State Capitol after the election judges randomly withdrew 35 ballots. The election has now been certified and Franson has an 11 vote lead over DFL Bob Cunniff.

In reviewing the voting rolls as part of the election certification process, election judges determined that 35 voters were given the wrong ballots. These voters were in a polling location that was for multiple State House districts.

A judge ruled yesterday that 35 ballots would be randomly withdrawn and thrown out. These ballots were from three precincts that went strongly for Cunniff resulting in a net gain of 10 votes for Franson.

The automatic recount starts next week.

21,288 votes were cast in this election. Franson leads by 0.05%.

To put this in perspective, Norm Coleman led Al Franken on election night by 762 votes. After the recount, Franken won by 312. That's 1074 vote swing out of 2.88 million. That's a vote swing of 0.04%.

It's not unreasonable to expect that Franson to increase her lead by a few or win by a hair.

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