CT Gov Misleads Parents About Opting Their Children Out of Common Core Tests

This morning, on WNPR's Where We Live radio program, Governor Malloy was asked about whether parents had a right to opt their children out of the inappropriate, absurd and unfair Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Test of a Test.

Governor Malloy's responded with one his most misleading statements to date.

As reported in the CT Mirror:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday that federal law restricts students from opting out of taking standardized tests, and if the state were to give students that option, it would put the state at risk of losing millions of federal dollars.

His statement is simply untrue on a number of levels.


#2:  The requirement that 95 percent of students in a school take the standardized tests is but one of many criteria contained in the No Child Left Behind and the Race to the Top federal laws and regulations.

Every year, schools across the nation fail to meet that 95 percent goal.

In Syracuse, 30,000 parents opted their children out of the tests just this year.

The federal government has not withheld funding simply because a school did not meet their 95 percent goal.

But rather than side with Connecticut parents and their children, Malloy stayed true to his corporate education reform industry advisers and campaign contributors.

And not only did Malloy fail to tell the truth about the right parents have to opt their children out of the Common Core testing, he lied about his own administration's role in the implementation of the Common Core.

As the CT Mirror went on to report:

But Malloy said he has no choice but to require students to be tested.

"I didn't adopt Common Core. My predecessor did. Like handling the deficit, I was also handed the problem of seeing this implemented. Some districts are far ahead of other districts. Some districts folded their arms and said we'll wait and see," he said.

While former Gov. M. Jodi Rell entered the state into an agreement with other states to implement Common Core, the Malloy administration signed an agreement in 2012 with the federal government to implement the new standards and tests in order to receive a federal waiver to the No Child Left Behind law.

With each passing day it becomes increasingly clearer that Malloy is unwilling to stand up to protect and defend Connecticut's public school students, parents, teachers, school administrators and public school advocates from the corporate education reform industry that is hell-bent on destroying Connecticut public education system.

You can read the CT Mirror story here.

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